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Mikhail Kasatkin
When he came, he joined the game "Pirate Kings". A small simple filler. You draw cards from the deck when you collect two pirates of each of the three types on the table (with different players) - you can rob a caravan of ships that also pulled out of this deck during this time. Fast, easy, quite fascinating. But, of course, this is so to take time before the "main course". Until the author of the game "Kazakh Khanate" came. Actually, just for the sake of this game, I got out on the game deck.
This is a "domestic product", and not in the sense of "Russian", but specifically "Kazakhstani". Having played the game, now I can say with full confidence - this is not a "clone", and not a "redrawing" of some famous game. No, this is a completely independent, original game, and, at the same time, really good, absolutely at the level of modern board games.
The game can play from two to four people, each of whom seeks to unite a certain number of Kazakh clans into a single, powerful khanate. From the point of view of mechanics - you need to capture a certain number of cells, on a round, cyclic, field. The cells are equivalent, but when two neighboring cells are captured, they begin to slightly help each other, in defending against other players. In addition to the captured cells, there are four special fields on the field - "Toi", "Zhut", "Bazar" and "Alga" (it is also the start).
And, summing up, the "Kazakh Khanate" is a game from which you are not ashamed to go to any desktop festival or exhibition; Kazakhstan desktop authors, not for Kazakhstan as a whole.
Ruslan Kim
What is this game? The essence is quite simple, several players in the game are fighting for the right to be called Khan. In order to become a khan, they must unite a certain number of Kazakh genera.

The game is well tested, it has high replayability, a good balance, an interesting gameplay, but these words will matter for a very tiny part of my already not too extensive circle of friends and subscribers.

Unless I add that the game has a "big idea", which is expressed in the fact that united, we become stronger and, in fact, in the game it is very noticeable.
Ubonova Saule
History teacher in secondary school № 37
I, the history teacher in secondary school No. 37. I'm curating this game among our students.

With the help of the "Kazakh Khanate" the students understand the history of military art and, in general, the history of the development of our country.

During the game, the guys develop not only logical thinking, but also a sense of teamwork and responsibility.
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